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Rachel House is NOW Resource Health. We have been providing a culture of care for those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy in Kansas City since 1992. Resource Health offers a variety of pregnancy, sexual health and education services to help you navigate the road ahead. Resource Health NOW offers testing and treatment for specific sexual transmitted diseases to men and women at NO cost to you.

Your health and well- being are our NUMBER ONE priority and your trust is important to us. If you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, looking for resources or in a sexual health crisis, we are here for YOU! Our professional and compassionate staff look forward to serving you at one of our convenient four Kansas City metro locations. Please make an appointment today!

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    What Happens Next?

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    Upon your arrival at Resource Health, we make every effort to serve you with accurate and educational information during this decision- making time. 

    STD Testing and Treatment

    We now offer STD testing and treatment for men and women. Our nursing staff will continue to earn your trust as they deliver excellent and compassionate care to you.

    Community Resources

    Resource Health is equipped to help meet your practical needs. We have case managers onsite that will assist you.

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    (816) 921-5050